Satisfaction Survey 2016

Each year The Physio Stop carries out a random survey of patients discharged from the clinic. The survey has been developed to monitor the quality of service provided and the questions cover topics such as quality of facilities, availability of appointments, explanation of treatments and of course, satisfaction with the service.
This year the survey confirmed that The Physio Stop does provide an excellent service:

100% of patients were able to book an appointment at a convenient time
40% of patients were seen in 1-2 days, 50% in 3-4 days and the remaining 10% chose to wait longer because it suited them.
100% of patients felt the facilities were comfortable
100% said that the results of the assessment were clearly explained to them
100% said that the treatment plan was clearly explained
100% said their appointment started on time[list]
100% said they were either 'Very Satisfied' or 'Satisfied' with the treatment they received.
100% said they thought the service was value for money

Patients were asked to rate on a scale of 0-10 how likely they were to recommend the clinic
60% gave a score of 10/10 and 10% gave 9/10, 20% 8/10 and one gave 7/10

Patients were invited to add comments:
1st class service. Thanks
Very happy with the consultations and treatments received.
Appreciated the help - thanks
Very good clinic that was easy to use and offered helpful follow up advice.
Chris has been a great help with my treatment. Very pleased with the results