Musculoskeletal problems are the ‘backbone’ of our work (pun intended!)

This includes neck and back pain, shoulder problems, or any other areas of the body, whether caused by trauma, altered posture, arthritis or repetitive strain.

We also treat post-operative conditions such as knee and hip replacements, shoulder surgery and knee surgery such as ACL repairs – the aim of treatment being to get you back to work and activities as soon as possible and minimise the risk of long term problems. We take great care in tailoring your rehabilitation programme to you whilst following any consultant protocols.

All musculoskeletal problems are thoroughly assessed in order to provide the most effective treatment. Many of our treatments are ‘hands on’ – by this we mean mobilisation and manipulation, but these treatments are always supplemented by advice, exercise and home programmes

Musculoskeletal Assessments

Diagnosis of problems is complex and assessments always include a thorough screening of your general health, questions about your problem, how it occurred and how it is affecting you. Then the physiotherapist will carry out a variety of specific tests to check things such as range of movement, strength, ligaments and tenderness.

Once the assessment is complete, the physiotherapist will discuss the findings with you and any treatment which is appropriate – this will include things you can do for yourself at home.


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