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Back Pain in Pregnancy

75% of women will experience back pain or pelvic girdle pain during their pregnancy.
Education can play a big part in reducing the likelihood of pain occuring, attention to posture and working positions can help prevent or reduce the pain.

There are many physiotherapy treatments that are safe and very effective in pregnancy. Sandra has a special interest in back pain in pregnancy and has attended courses to update her knowledge and treatment skills.
COVID-19 – at the moment, Chris is treating all our clients as Sandra is not treating clients face to face but she is acting as an advisor.


1 in 4 women will suffer from incontinence at some point in their life, but there is no need to suffer in silence

Pelvic floor exercises can help – but to get the best results, they have to be done accurately.

Sandra has a special interest in pelvic floor problems and can help you get the most from your exercises.

COVID-19 – Sandra is available for video consultations only. Please phone for details.

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